Michael Knight

Who They Are
During his time as a Youth Pastor for a church in New Hampshire, Michael Knight took multiple mission trips to Namibia, Africa – during which time he developed a heart for the people there. During his travels in Namibia he learned the staggering fact that over 43% of the population there is under the age of 18! Understanding this statistic, Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) saw the need to develop professionally trained youth workers. Michael Knight is partnering with NETS to develop a youth ministry training program for the school – training up Namibian workers to minister to Namibian children for the cause of Christ.

Our Part In The Story
Being far away from home, it’s easy to become discouraged and homesick and exhausted. A large portion of our partnership with Mike is to encourage him with our prayers, our support and our encouragement. We are prayerful that we’ll have the opportunity to join him physically in his mission work in Namibia, but until that time there are definitely things we will be doing. We will help fund his endeavors, we will encourage him with our words, and we will boldly and faithfully pray that God will guide him as he makes an impact in Namibia for the Kingdom of God!

Keep up to date on Mike by following his blog: http://blossomingdeserts.blogspot.com