Hope Groups

What is a Hope Group?
– That’s a great question – I’m glad you asked! Christian community is where we get to experience the power of the gospel in its full power. We were not saved for isolation. We were saved into community. Through the cross of Christ, God made us family not only with himself, but also with everyone who trusts in Christ alone for eternal life. Our understanding of what the ‘Church’ is tells us that it’s much more than gathering once a week for a celebration service. It’s not less than that, but it’s definitely more than that. The Church is the people – in fact, without people, there’d be no Church. So in order to facilitate relationships among believers that are deeper than a once a week meeting, we have Hope Groups – a missional group of believers where individuals experience discipleship, get to know one another, and live out the gospel together in their community. (For a good read on what it means to experience the gospel together in community, check out this blog post: 5 Ways We Experience the Power of the Gospel in Community)

From time to time the following schedules will change.  Please email info@hopecafe.church to get updated information!***

Garner Hope Group #1: Meets every Sunday evening at 6pm at the home of Lee & Angela Thompson. 1212 Silverhill Ct., Garner, NC 27529.

Garner Hope Group #2: Meets every Sunday evening at 5pm at the home of Chris & Julia O’Connor. 2345 Dreyfus Ct., Garner, NC 27529.

Willow Spring Hope Group: Meets every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm at the home of Donald & Gayle Carter. 7425 Four Brothers Way, Willow Spring NC, 27592.

Knightdale Hope Group: Meets every Friday evening at 7pm at the home of Brian & Lanette Wood. 1004 Acorn Court, Knightdale, NC 27545.

Student Hope Group: Meets every Sunday evening at 6pm at Hope Cafe. 201 Tryon Road, Raleigh NC, 27603.

College & Career Hope Group: Called Crossroads, and geared towards…wait for it…College & Career Aged young adults! This group meets at the home of Michael & Jaclyn Jaworski every Monday evening at 6:30pm. 128 Creekbank Ct., Garner NC, 27529.

Hispanic Hope Group: Meets every Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday at 6pm. These groups are Spanish speaking. Please email for more information.

Women of Hope – the Women of Hope Fellowship gather every other month as not only a way to get to know one another and encourage one another, but also sometimes to reach out and serve our community. Please join our email list to be kept up to date with their events!

Men of Hope – likewise, the Men of Hope Fellowship gather on occasion for special events. Please join our email list to be kept up to date with their events!

For more information, please email info@hopecafe.church