About Us

Hope Fellowship Church gathers every Sunday morning at 10:00am (except Memorial Day to Labor Day, when we meet at 5:30pm on Sundays instead) to fellowship, worship, learn together, be encouraged, offer encouragement, and so much more! At 9:30am (5:00pm Summer Schedule) the coffee is brewed, the snacks are out, and the doors are wide open – come early, grab a cup of coffee, choose your favorite seat and have a conversation or two!

We believe the prevailing terminology of “Where are you going to church?”,  “What time is church?” or “What church do you belong to?” is not the best way to define who we are. Instead of encouraging people to ‘go to church’ – we challenge believers to ‘be the Church’. The Church are people indwelled by the Holy Spirit who gather to worship and praise God, those who desire to learn, to encourage, to be encouraged, to celebrate and to grow as disciples of Christ. We seek to provide a relaxed atmosphere (Hope Cafe) where people can celebrate their faith or discover more about God as part of a worshipping community. We hope you will gather with us to experience God’s love and acceptance every Sunday – or any other time throughout the week.

The place where we meet – Hope Cafe & Event Center – is a vision birthed out of this church family. Hope Cafe is our “Front Porch” to the community in which we live, work and serve together as the Body of Christ.  For over 3 years Hope Cafe was open 6 days a week as a coffeehouse, meeting space, band venue, open mic spot and so much more.  The vision was, and still is today, for Hope Cafe to be a gathering place for the Church…not just on Sunday, but everyday of the week…and a relaxed, comfortable environment where conversations about faith can be approached.  The doors may not be opened to the public 6 days a week currently, but that same vision still remains.

So please come as you are, and gather with us every Sunday at 10:00am to celebrate our great God! (except Memorial Day to Labor Day, when we meet at 5:30pm on Sundays instead)

If you have any questions about our community of faith, or anything else – please don’t hesitate to email us at info@hopecafe.church.