Student Ministries

There is a statistic out there that says at least 70% of students stop participating in a local church once they graduate high school. 70%!!!! That is a massive loss on the church’s part, and we at Hope Fellowship are passionate about flipping that statistic on its head. We desire to facilitate a loving community for students to learn and grow and be challenged, as well as to prepare them for the spiritual battles they will face. Gospel truth in a relevant Gospel community that encourages their walk with Christ.

To do that, we keep things very simple – not a lot of bells and whistles, but definitely a lot of heart and care. Our vision of facilitating a loving and relevant student community takes place in the Student Hope Group on Sunday evenings. We hope you’ll join us sometime!

– Every Sunday night from 6pm-7:30pm here at the home of Lee & Angela Thompson – the youth meet at the same time as the adult Hope Group at their home. This makes it exceptionally easy for parents to be a part of the Hope Group there.